Different People On Valentine’s Day


1. The Couples


2. The Too-Much Couples


3. Haters


4. Fighting Couples


5. Singles


6. Single ladies


7. The Obviously Single Ladies


8. The Recently Dumped


9. Facebook Singles


10. The Oblivious



This was all just for laughs, but I hope everyone celebrates the upcoming Valentine’s Day with the people they dearly love, whether it be a significant other, close friends or by yourself.

Fill yourself with love and be as happy as you can.

So..it’s been a while…

I told myself that I wouldn’t let this happen. I told you I would post every Tuesday! So what happened?

I got lazy and busy. Terrible combination.

I am now in grad school at NYU (which I would guess the people actually reading this already know) for Global Affairs (but of course).

The grand total of countries is now 65. I have probably been on more like 80 or 90 actual trips, but some were repeats and some were not separate countries, etc.

I will get back to this, I swear. But, in the meantime, if anyone reading this is going somewhere that I have been, email me at gbhatia89@gmail.com  and I’ll give you some personal tips on what to do in those places. I will start this as an official travel blog soon, I promise :)

Also, D and G, I promised you I’d stay in the country for one full year. That ain’t happening….Prague in March!

Update on my life…

I know I have been so lax on blogging. I just don’t seem to have the time….which really doesn’t make sense, as I am currently without a real job.

I say without a real job because I am interning at a non-profit in India and when I go back to the States, I will be working on MedScribe with KMG again, but I need an actual job. I would love to have a permanent position at the non-profit, but that does not seem like a possibility without a masters degree….and even then, there is a very very small chance. I definitely don’t want to be in software, even if it is MedScribe EMR, for the rest of my life, so where does that leave me?

GRAD SCHOOL! Next problem: I have to get into a good grad school. It seems no other internships want me (and believe me, I’ve tried) and I don’t have any idea how the grad schools I’ve applied to feel about me. I have tossed out a lot of lines in the past year since I graduated and so far none have come back with bites. What happened to all of the jobs created by Obama in 2011? Did I miss out on them? Am I underqualified? I don’t know! The field I am most interested in is International Relations and Finance and my unique combination of Hindi and Italian as secondary and tertiary languages should give me an edge! I have traveled so much and adapt so quickly, you’d think that SOMEONE would want to hire me or even accept me for an internship. But alas, no.

So here I am. Stuck without a real job. *Sigh* Hopefully one of the lines I put out this week gets a bite. Otherwise….who knows? Can you be unemployed without ever having had a job?

It’s the circle of….memories :)

I will update on life here in Mesoraca tomorrow, but first, I was reminded of something ridiculous today. For the past 2 years, I have had the oddest song lyric stuck in my head and no matter how much googling I did, it never came up. I asked all of my friends on New Year’s Eve if they could remember what movie started a song with “When I was a younger man….” “When he was a younger maaaaan…” and none of them could remember. Suddenly, while on safari in Botswana in January, it came to me….IT WAS FROM THE LION KING! How did I suddenly remember, you ask? I saw a warthog and that reminded me of Pumba singing that lyric :) So I completely forgot about this epiphany until today, nearly 10 months later. How did I remember today? We put on the Lion King to help the kids go to sleep and that lyric came on….in Italian. Ah, memory is a weird thing.

Anyway, ciao e baci per i miei amici! :) A domani, amore!


Ty Burrell, Ted Danson, Aziz Ansari, Neil Patrick Harris, Ed Helms, and Jim Parsons. Photo by Dan Busta.


Ty Burrell, Ted Danson, Aziz Ansari, Neil Patrick Harris, Ed Helms, and Jim Parsons. Photo by Dan Busta.

F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for U and me…

I never thought that post-grad life would be so busy…..but I guess studying for LSATs takes up a lot of time :P I’ve been home from India for more than a month but still feel slightly unhinged…oh well.

I have been thinking a lot about friendship recently and the circumstances that lead to lasting friendships. I think that in my life, I have many acquaintances but very few good or “best” friends. I don’t subscribe to the theory of quantity over quality, so I have no problem with that :) But…in the past few weeks, I have been thinking about what makes these “best” friends the best. I don’t think that there is any concrete way to decide who makes the cut of “best” friends and who doesn’t. Although….I could develop an algorithm for it…something like number of phone calls per week divided by number of fights in the last 6 months squared or something….nah, just kidding :D

But seriously, how to friendships start and what makes them last? I have some examples. To preserve identities, I will nickname the people to which I refer. There is Ginger Snap (GS), Dancing Dentist (DD), Twigs (T, which also stands for a friend related to Twigs) and Pink (P). Wow, these nicknames are lame….anybody reading this will know precisely who these people are.

So… Ginger Snap and I were friends as freshmen….then we kinda lost touch for a while. Then we took a fateful physics….I mean……philosophy class together (protecting identities is tough!). We bonded over that, but not so much. Somehow, though, we realized that a friendship between us would benefit the world (in terms of us dominating it) and ourselves. She lived far far away last semester and would often use my room to eat, watch tv and sleep…she tried to do homework once but got immensely distracted by the view :) So…this friendship started off well, kind of fell apart from misuse, but miraculously regenerated through a common enemy and necessity :)

DD and I have been friends forever. Ever since we saw a certain chubby little Indian boy stealing all the cookies from the basket at the school we were both to attend the next year (our moms wouldn’t let us have any anyway!) We bonded over a shared culture and…the lack of interest in that culture :P But, our friendship was really cemented when we joined a dance class together….an Indian dance class together. DD is awesome at it, and I….well…let’s just say that the way I dance…does not work with a group setting :) We are still friends to this day, despite the fact that we have nothing (almost absolutely nothing) in common….

Twigs….oh Twigs. (And the other T). You would have thought that we would have met before….we have the same major and everything! But, it took a wonderful trip to London and the realization that we were among the only people to take only Economics classes in London…and the fact that we lived on the same floor. In any other situation, we would not have become friends. She would have thought that I was whiny and irritating (touche) and I would’ve thought that she was another smart-alek “Oh I’m from India and amazing at Economics and I speak English so well with an American accent” We both now laugh over our shared hatred for those people :) Anyway, through the circumstances, we have become really good friends and have learnt a lot from each other. I taught her how to play my favorite sport and she…well, she taught me to keep it real and shut up sometimes :) She’s brutal but she tells it like it is. (P.S., if you are reading this, go look up “The Friendship Song” from Spongebob. That is the way Twigs, Legs and Pigeon are when they’re together.)

Okay, it is way too late at night for these musings and I am exhausted, so I am leaving Pinks and a couple of others that I left out for another day. Just know that if you are one of my close friends, count yourself lucky, because as my third-grade teacher once famously said, “Gauri does not associate with riff-raff.”

Peace, Love and Granola Bars,


Sorry! I have so failed.

Sorry about not posting for a while, guys! I have been so busy with going to India and South Africa, etc. that I totally forgot about this little blog thing :) But it does not mean that I don’t <3 you. I promise I will catch up soon! I just got back to New York last week and I am going to Boston in 3 days! And I’m exhausted! But….I won’t leave you high and dry with no musings from Gauri to take away :p

Here are 2 musings just for you:

1) My diploma came in the mail back in February and I just got an awesome frame from Michael’s for it and so now it is up in my house over the computer table :D YAY! (Everytime my dad sees it, he says “Ahhh….that’s what 200,000 dollars gets you.” Thanks Dad.)

2) Some of you may remember me asking everybody if they remembered what Disney movie the line “When I was a younger maaaan….” “When he was a younger maaaaan…” came from. Nobody had any idea. Suddenly, one fine day in January, it came to me! The Lion King! Now, ask me how it came to me….go, ahead. I was in Botswana minding my own business (yeah, right) when I saw a warthog cross in front of our safari-ing jeep. And when I saw it, I remembered….”PUMBA!” Yeah, I know, I’m weird….but that’s okay.

Okay, off to sleep. I’m still a little jet-lagged.


BU-grad :)

New blog :)

So, first off, let me tell you all who I am and what the purpose of this blog is. My name is Gauri, I am 21 years old and I have just graduated from college (1 semester early!)!

I spent last summer taking classes and doing an internship in London and now I will be moving for 3 months to India. Weird, I know. I really like to travel, so I guess it’s cool. I have been to about 60 countries (more precise numbers coming soon)!

This is mostly going to be a blog about post-grad life in 2011. However, since I will be doing a lot of traveling, I am going to do real-time updates on what I’m doing on my new travels. And since I will have a lot of downtime, I am going to go back into my memory bank and write about what I did on my old trips. Hopefully, I will give you ideas on where to go and what to do and you can give me ideas on what to do in the places I am going to.

So, quick update: January 4, I am going to Delhi. January 8-12, I will be in Hyderabad visiting my bestest friend from BU before she goes back to school. January 20-30, I will be in South Africa. After that, I don’t know. if you have any ideas about what to do in South Africa, let me know. :)